Thursday, 9 November 2017

Feel My Pain, Hear My Cry

Some days the stars are aligned against us, or so the ancient greek and roman philosophers would have had us believe. Then again some days are just a ******.

A couple of days ago, whilst sewing my borders for my bubbles quilt, I thought my machine was a little sluggish. Turned out there was enough fluff in the bobbin bit to make a hamster a woolly jumper. So far so good. Every time I tried to replace the race, the machine wasn't havin' it. The needle stuck, the wheel thing on the right stuck, and there was a horrible noise. I took this out and put it in so many times, even googled it on you tube, and looked at the manual. I took the executive decision to walk away and two days later discovered I had threaded my machine wrong! Techy I am not.

There was a window of an hour or two, and I thought great. I will get these borders sewn up. They sewed together very nicely, and then came the mitre bit in the corners. Now, you have to remember, I am pretty much self taught. I put the first corner together at 45degrees and sewed it on to the first two sides.

 And then I did the same with the second. This was sewing the mitre corner off site, so to speak, then attaching it to the quilt.

Next came joining the third corner. The red corner. The "feature corner". You know where this is headed. Miraculously the mitre looked really good, the black matched the black and the white matched the white and it all lay nicely flat. Feeling rather good about myself, I trimmed off the excess fabric and opened the quilt out.

You can probably guess what happened. My beautiful mitre had made a box corner in my quilt. A perfect box corner, but ..... look closely and you can see the join. Look in that vague direction and you can see the join.

I tried to explain how I had made this convex instead of converse, or converse instead of convex or whatever it is. He didn't understand. It doesn't matter anyhow, it is wrong. I tried sewing the cut off bit back on. In the Feature Corner. If I did a lot of quilting, would anybody notice? Yes, they would. It sort of defeats the purpose of the feature corner, to hide it down the side of the bed next to the radiator.

Luckily I had bought 4 metres especially for this eventuality! I am busy over the weekend, but come Monday, the stitch ripper will be out. This time I will also make the red corner the off site mitre, just to be sure, to be sure. Quilting is a very humbling hobby, none of us are perfect, and it pays to remember this.  So my mother used to tell me, unlike today's youngsters who seem to grow up believing they are perfect as is everything they do!

One last sneak in - a new project. Always good to start a new project at the busy time of year! Yvonne is having another quilt a long again. I loved hers last year, it was the snowflake quilt. This year Yvonne, , is making Wayward Transparency, a version of her transparency series. I love the calm. quietness of these quilts, their tranquillity. In keeping of this tranquil calmness, I am doing mine in hot pink. Hot pink is for the summer. I love sitting in the garden in the summer. So far, we have made our half square triangles in our three graduated shades.

 I am up to date! I think I will leave my trimming until another day, and quit when I am ahead!

Helen x

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Enough With the Blowing Bubbles

I haven't blogged for over a week, and the world has not come to an end. I was trying for a finish, but it hasn't quite worked out yet. I thought I had finished the flimsy of my Bubbles Quilt. Last mention in despatches, I had eleven bubbles and was working on the rogue red.

The red bubble was actually finished last week, and the flimsy completed on Thursday, ready to blog on Friday. I have no idea where the last few days have gone, I would have thought the blogging was the easy bit.

I am not looking forward to picking off all the remaining papers on the back. I really am not a scab picker!
I think my daughter was struggling to hold the quilt up in the breeze.

On Sunday I laid it out over our bed, and I am just not happy. No. I am not happy. Twelve bubbles are just not enough, neither long enough nor wide enough. Now, to explain, our bed is kingsize. This is not for our bed. It is for me watching tv and blogging on the sofa. So, not too big and not too small is the required size. Sort of big enough to cover a 5' blogger. I do however want this to double up as a standard double bed quilt when my son and his fiancĂ©e come home at Christmas. It is just a smidgeon too small for that, at 60" square. I feel I don't have the stamina to make another  bubbles, much as I like them.

Monday morning I went to buy some klona, the poor man's kona fabric. I hate borders. Both in the quilting world and metaphorically! Take walls down, don't build more. This time, borders it will be. I want very much to keep the plainness of this, so I am going with a 3" white strip, a 2" black strip then another 3" white strip. As I am definitely not having joins in these borders, my particular pet hate, I had to buy 2 metres of each to get continuous strips. That is why it is klona and not kona, apart from the fact I can't buy kona locally. The actual bubbles are such a mix of fabrics, the stiffer, looser thread count klona will be fine. When it is quilted and washed, it will all blend in.

I have a few ideas about the quilting. Wait for it ......... I might try circles. That's straight quilting but in the round? Isn't it? Round quilting in the bubbles, and straight line quilting in the background in different directions, taking in the borders. It may end up with minimal quilting and further quilting added after Christmas!

Just in case you are interested on what I have been up to.  I have been so behind in blogging,, it has been go go go here. Last week we went to see the display of poppies commemorating those who died in the First World War. This is a travelling exhibition and Belfast is lucky enough to have it for a while. That same day I met up with a real life quilter, Suzanne from the Modern Quilters Ireland, who was visiting Belfast with her husband gorgeous little boy. We forgot to take a photo of this momentous occasion, we were so busy chatting.

Monday, I was feeling all Narnia, a cousin and myself went to see the Narnia sculptures. CS Lewis who wrote the Narnia chronicles, was a Belfast boy. Belfast has finally got its act together and is starting to appreciate those who have done great things and to celebrate them.

Aren't you tempted to go through the wardrobe?

Mr Tumnus the faun.

Aslan the lion.
And today, we were on the genealogy trail again. We visited the church my husband's great grandparents married in, in 1864. And, as you do, we got talking to a man in the churchyard, who knew exactly what family we were talking about and was able to direct us to the old family homestead!!! Only in Ireland!


In between times, I have made 3 Christmas stockings, 1 1hr basket for a gift, and made 2 further baskets with my daughter. No photos, it is her secret sewing!! She actually said, this is quite relaxing. I think she may have got it.

Today I noticed how red our maple tree is in the garden. If its not raining tomorrow and the leaves don't all drop over night, I will hopefully get a photo taken tomorrow. If I wait until the quilt is finished, there won't be a leaf left on the tree!

Helen x
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Friday, 27 October 2017

The Hedgehogs and Their New Home

Most adults feel an affiliation with or a fondness for woodland animals. This, I believe comes through their parents and walks in the woods.

With our children I think it goes slightly deeper. Our children are all winter babies, so they got loads of clothes as Christmas and birthday presents, and those toddler clothes all tended to have hedgehogs, or squirrels or foxes on the front. Anyhow, our daughter was instantly drawn to the Scion range of woodland animals bought for her in towel form by her brother and sister in law. So, when we went to look for fabric for cushions and we spotted the Scion hedgehog range in Peter Jones'  furnishing fabric department, here was no competition. Well, there was, the owls were a close run second.

The initial plan was we were going to make this a joint project. She would make the two lounge cushions in collaboration with me. As it turned out, she was away for the weekend with a friend, and I thought it would make a nice surprise to have these ready for her return.

Nobody reads my blog for a sewing tutorial, at least I hope they don't. I would find it hard to cope with the responsibility. But I will tell you how to make an envelope cushion.

Buy a 20" cushion filler.
Cut one 20.5" square from front fabric.
Cut two 20.5" x 16" rectangles from backing fabric.
Cut one narrow strip of front fabric, 20.5" x 3 or 4"
Border one of long sides of the rectangles with the front  fabric, making sure the pattern faces upwards. Lay the patterned strip on top of the rectangle and sew, flip back and over sew on the reverse, making sure the seam is aligned nicely on the "right side", either in the ditch or just on the edge of the patterned strip.

Turn a small hem on top of one of the long sides of the remaining triangle.
Next, lay the "dressed" rectangle on top of the table, face up.

Lay the "naked" rectangle on top.
The two rectangles will overlap each other. Sew along the overlap, at the edge of the dressed panel towards each other from each side for a couple of inches. Not too far towards the centre.
Lay the patterned front face up on the table.

Lay the rectangle with the patterned border face down
Lay the naked rectangle face down.

Stitch around the circumference about 1/2" from the edge.
Turn right side out and insert cushion filler.
Decide cushion is too floppy and resew around two edges, taking in another 1/2".

Model on our own settee. Then ...

Take to daughter's house and await her return.

Helen x
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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Heading The Ball Towards A Finish

I'm heading this ball towards a finish. I have precisely half a bubble to sew and then enlarge, and then the ball is in the net. Or the bubbles are blown in my bubble quilt.

The consensus of the straw poll, the last time we looked at this quilt, was to finish with a red bubble. A bit of va va voom.  I finished the last black bubble on Sunday and couldn't wait to start the red one. I tipped out my scrap bag and set all the red pieces to the side. Amazingly I think I have enough red scraps without cutting into any actual fabric. I must admit to be surprised, I didn't think I sewed with red as much.

Monday I headed to sew and quickly got two half bubbles sewn. I don't generally sew the quartiles together until all four are completed, but this time I couldn't wait. I really love how this is looking already. Today I headed in to finish but weirdly I sewed the centre red and white the wrong way round three times. I took that as a hint that today wasn't the day for finishing.

So this is were we are now. The state of play. Nearly a finish, so nearly.

This is a nice neat short blog posts so there is room at the end to tell you about a competition for some Liberty fabric. Lucy at the charm about you is hosting this giveaway, Duck Egg Threads have kindly donated the prize. Head over to check it out. I've entered!

Helen x
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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Shoppiing is Good for Me, the Economy and Me

Some weeks we just feel like buying stuff, or maybe some weeks it is just all stuff comes together. If you enjoy shopping vicariously, then this is the blog post for you.

Last post I was heading off to the hairdressers and hoping to pick up a little fabric en route. Least said soonest mended about the hair. Never tell a colourist you fancy a change. Now dark blonde rather than light blonde and I hate it. It's not me. It is all to stop the grey, I would rather have the grey! Strange thing is most people, including my sons, haven't noticed ... or maybe they were just being polite.

Anyhow, I sort of got my fabric. I was looking for the skull candy fabric I knew the Paragon stocked and had been waiting to buy.  Daft of me to leave it too near Halloween. The small neat skull candys I wanted were sold out. The one I bought is ok, the skulls are bigger and generally more girly. I don't remember the other fabric having bows in the hair. Back to hair again.

I bought a couple of metres. I think it will make a good backing for my Bubbles quilt.

Next up I spotted some universe/planet fabric. This was a lucky find. It was on my list too, but a dearer version I had spotted elsewhere. I bought 1.5m of this.

This will hopefully make part of a pieced backing for my Quatrefoil Quilt, my Beeabee2017 quilt. I think I will call this "what do you see through the quatrefoil window today" quilt, as a nod to Playschool. How cool it would have been if the presenter Brian Cant had said "what do we see through the quatrefoil window?" rather than the square, round or arched window. This will be for my little grandson.

Next up is something for me. For meeeeee. The last while I have been spotting the Skye Wrap in instragram land. I love the flow of it and it looks incredibly comfortable. It also looks like something my limited dressmaking skills could manage. I ordered the instructions from and the lovely mustard wool blend from them also. And the coconut buttons ... I could look at them all day.

I didn't order  the lining fabric for my #skyewrap at the same time. I knew I was going to London last week and there would be the opportunity to buy some Liberty fabric. I had actually chosen the fabric on my last outing to Shaukat (home of cheaper Liberty fabric), but had waited until I ordered the mustard wool. This time, I went all around the shop and the fabric I chose was still the same as last time. Go with your instincts folks. A 1.5m cut soon went into my handbag. I think the security man searching the bags at the Chelsea v Roma match was mildly surprised to see the wad of fabric in my hand bag.

 This will go on the long finger for a while. My crafty daughter in law fancied this too, so we are going to collaborate and make one each.

And that was all my purchases. Except, I was still feeling a bit, well, meh. Just not feeling my usual perky self. I spotted Judith's red robin cushion kit in instagram, and knowing I would see her at Beeblessed2 on Saturday, well ....... I must admit the packaging is lovely. Never mind the contents! I love the box. I will be reusing that come Christmas. I love robins and my much loved Uncle Robin passed away this summer. I will look at my robin cushion and smile. Or I will when I make it. Looking at the contents, the floral fabric is sort of similar to my Liberty fabric .... I have a plan.

One last little thing that snuck through the door the other day was a skein of Frostbite from Stranded Dyeworks. I love the icy blue tones of this merino/nylon sock mix, I have already cast this on to be a pair of Christmas socks.  Amy Florence's yarn sells out very quickly. Her shop was updated whilst I was at the rugby, there was me in the ladies, trying to get peace to order my yarn online! My friend nearly came looking for me, she wondered what was taking me so long.

That is all my purchases for this week. This next week is coming and the unfortunately the only dedicated quilting store in Belfast is closing due to retirement. Everything is 40% off. I hear my name being called.

Helen. x
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Friday, 13 October 2017

I Am So Much More Than A Hounddog!

The quilt is finished, the 240" of hand stitched binding are slip stitched, all in one sweep I might add. The ends are all buried and I am pleased to say #houndstoothquilt designed by, aka my #hounddog or #youaintnothingbutahounddog quilt is ready to meet its public.

The weather forecast was dreadful, a huge band of rain just crossing over Belfast and the right hand side of N Ireland, all day today. Apparently this is the prelude to the tail end of Hurricane Ophelia sweeping our way Monday. How nice of our friends in the USA to share their weather. Honestly, we don't want it. Anyhow, the forecast was for rain, but we are a hardy tribe. As we arrived a little before our friends in Hillsborough Forest, we decided to take our photos first.

First we headed up towards Hillsborough Fort, the fort was built over 700 years ago, 1630 to be precise, built on the sight of an old clan McGuinness stronghold. We had fun with my husband trying to stop the quilt blowing away whilst I tried to snap photos, all of course, not showing any part of him, being publicity shy.

We hung the quilt over the wall surrounding the ramparts. In the background is the steeple for the Church of Ireland which is very quaint, and indeed used by the Queen when she stays in her royal palace, just across from the Fort.

Then we saw the tower, it was too much to resist, a Rapunzel shot. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your quilt!

Then over to the square tower of the fort for some photos.

In the background of this, you can spot the roof of Hillsborough Castle, the royal palace.
We headed then down to the lake for another photo opportunity. The wind had got up rather and there was a danger of the quilt blowing across the lake. Not a good idea. What with trying to get a photo of the lake in the background, the quilt all front on, and no parts of the husband, it was all a bit of a faff.

So, next we headed to the wee bridge and the fishing sign. I love this sign. I have a strong affection for this sign. I used to bring my children here during the school holidays for walks.

 We used to meet Granda here for walks, feed the ducks. The fly fishing sign always caused great merriment. Who knew fish could fly? Well they can! Who knew flies could fish?

Finally we met up with the friends, who all dutifully admired said quilt. We went for a walk round the lake ending up in the Vintage Tea Rooms for coffee and scones. The rain only started when we started the drive home.

And what's up for the rest of the weekend? Well ....... tomorrow I/we are making 11 floral table centre arrangements for a Boys Brigade Reunion Dinner. Luckily I brought my handy stitch snips in my  bag and gathered up some seed heads and ferns for the pots. The friends brought some sedums and hydrangea heads from their gardens. The oasis are steeping in the mop bucket. Glad to see my mop bucket serves some useful purpose!

Finish one challenge and begin another! That is the way to live life. Next up to finish is my blue Portfolio scarf and the I Am Forever Blowing Bubbles quilt and of course my blocks for Beeabee2017 for Sue.

Helen x
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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Woof Woof

Woof! Woof! Can you hear him now? Barking? The Houndstooth quilt, (quilt design by is as near a finish as makes no odds. Today I drank copious amounts of coffee, looked outside at the rain, and hand stitched down 240" of black and white spot binding. Mr Pointer, the first finger on my right hand knows every stitch! It is actually throbbing. I am hoping there is no fussy cutting in Scrapbooking tonight. I'll make the tea!

I say it is nearly a finish as I have to just "dicky it up" as our Scrapbooking Tutor  says. Sew in the loose ends. Unpick the quilting lines that were abandoned as they were too un straight for my straightish quilting.
Ta Daah!

I am really happy with the black and white spot binding. I like to use this Rose and Hubble spot for the binding on most of my quilts. It is bright, happy and cheerful. Even in brown. I went with the black as I didn't have enough grey and the purple was a no no for me. The purple would have gone well with the quilt, but purple and white spot is rather bitter sweet for me. When my mum was ill, I bought my little sister a purple midi skirt, with white polka dots and a frill at the bottom. It was in the sale and cost me 75p. When my sister twirled and swirled about the hospital room I could see my mum was delighted to see her enjoy herself, and glad that I was being responsible. Bitter sweet for me as I say. My sister remembers that skirt fondly, it was her twirly skirt. Before we get too maudlin here, I will tell you what she wore it with .... brown school shoes, bright yellow bri nylon knee socks and a big chunky jumper! She always did have a sartorial dress sense, did my sister. And .... who says sewing and indeed blogging can't be theurapeutic! It always amazes me how a scrap of fabric or a smell brings back so many memories.

I am also very pleased with the backing. We went with Art Gallery Hello Bear Buck Forest, from Simply Solids I think from my memory. It is so right and the burgundy fabric first chosen would have been so wrong. I am really pleased with my join in the back of the fabric. As Eric Wise would say about his hairpiece,  "can you see the join?"

Now some stats. I used Kona cotton, all purchased from The Village Haberdashery over a period of time. I used silver, iron, titanium, shale, pewter, steel for the greys. I used magenta and mulberry for the purples. (mulberry as we love Mulberry handbags in this house). And of course Kona white as a background.  I also bought a very dark grey for the centre, (can't remember the name) but my daughter felt it was a bit too intense. I haven't yet washed and tumbled the quilt, but it is about 70" square at the minute. 10 blocks by 10 blocks.

 These were slightly different shades of grey that Judith used in her design, we wanted a lighter colour base. Judith also went with red, we went with purple to tie in with a purple toned artwork in my daughter's room. Her curtains have a zig zag in grey, so the quilt will be perfect without being too matchy matchy.

I have tomorrow to finish the loose ends or do the dicky up. Tomorrow morning anyway, tomorrow afternoon I get my hair done. When someone tells you it is great, the colour is well down your hair to be a natural grey, you know it is time to ring the hairdresser on speed dial. The plus is my hairdresser is near the shop where I am hoping to buy some skull candy fabric to back my I Am Forever Blowing Bubbles quilt.

So, all being well, the quilt will be a finish by Friday. All we need then is the weather to cooperate and I can get some decent photos. If it rains, well, that's ok. It can't rain everyday. There are a few graffiti type places in town that might be good for photos. "He" may be doing a bit of traipsing around holding up quilts!

Helen x
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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Hound Dog Is Barking

The Hound Dog quilt is barking, it is moving along. It is barking I am so near a finish I can smell it. I have a very sensitive nose, that is partly why we are a pet free home.

I have worked very hard and finished all the grey quilting. Straight line quilting of course. I have quilted along a straight line right through the centre of the blocks on the diagonal. Actually the blocks are pieced looking diagonal. If I quilted diagonal, then would the quilting be straight up and down.

I am sorry it is me holding the quilt and husband taking the photo. It would make much more sense to be in the reverse, he is a good 10" taller than me. Maybe I am just a good wife and didn't want him covered in cotton and bamboo and fluff. Or rather, didn't want to listen to the complaints about the cotton and bamboo fluff. Speaking of which, this isn't my usual wadding. I used cotton and bamboo, and this is meant to be hypo allergenic. It is casting a lot though. It is like having a sheep in the house. I am hoping when it is all trimmed, bound and washed this isn't a problem. I know, I shouldn't pre-empt this!

Anyhow, I digress. I have quilted from corner to corner, spreading out. The first line of quilting is through the diagonal centre of the block. Then 5 lines of straightish quilting either side, the natural width of the foot apart. This uses the last line of stitching  as a guide for the next line. The thread is a variegated grey thread, a Gutterman cotton thread.

The outside part of each block is left quilting free. My negative space. I like negative space. It is quiet. I don't feel the need to fill every available space in either my quilting or my scrapbooking. Less is more. If only my cupboards followed that brief.

All I have left to do now is the purple diagonals. In my wisdom I actually thought, I can do it in the reverse for a change. Duh. It would look exactly the same no matter which corner I started at! I have the same Gutterman thread but in a purple variegate. I love using these Gutterman threads, they are not specific quilting threads, just standard cotton thread, but I love how they sew.

 And then my binding. I really want to bind this in spot, the same spot as I usually have. In my stash I have a nice black and white Rose and Hubble spot, surprise surprise. I do have a grey, but it is too much of an open weave I think for binding, and in any case, I don't have enough of it. Black it is.

My goal is to finish this for next Friday. We are off for a walk with friends to a forest park, which is next to a castle and a fort. As they so often are in Ireland. With all the grey granite stone I think I could get some good photos. And there will be some folk to hold up the quilt. Providing of course it doesn't rain.

Helen x
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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Finish A Long Proposed Finishes, Q4 2017

My doesn't time fly by fast. We could mark the years by age of ourselves and our grey hair, our kids moving out and on and to new lives, our grandchild ..... or .......... just by the rapid onset of another Finish A Long.

To those who don't know, Finish A Long is a world wide link up to focus on all those unfinished wips (works in progress) that linger at the back of the cupboard, under the table, behind those unworn sweaters in the wardrobe. We all leave encouraging messages, aka lies, "you can do it", "that list is oh so achievable" etc etc. At the end of the quarter we link up the finishes and they all go into a lucky dip for some really good prizes, as yet unwon by myself. Some people go for the really long list of every possible wip they have. Me? I tried that and it was only another angst inducing hang up. I like to keep my list manageable. The wip I enjoy working on slowly, the wip I feel I need to finish for a deadline, and the wip I feel I should get on with. And here we go, again. Some friends here old and new.

1. The Houndstooth Quilt
 designed by and known to me as You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog Quilt. This is for my daughter, the colours tone in with a Terry Bradley (local artist) print she has. We are so near to a finish for this. It has been exactly  a year in the making and the weather is getting colder. This is a must. Previously blogged about here.

2. Bubbles Quilt
These were originally bee blocks, Bubblebee2 from last year. I ended up with 10 blocks made by others. I am currently making some more to finish with a largish lap quilt, smallish double bed quilt. I would like to finish this for Christmas. To keep my son and girlfriend warm when they come for Christmas. Previously blogged about here.

3. Quatrefoil Window Quilt
These are mostly blocks from Beeabee2017. I have made some more blocks and am in the process of sewing them together. It is a child's quilt. What can you see out the Quatrefoil window? I am hoping to finish this quickly. How quickly depends on the Bubbles Quilt above. Previously blogged about here.

4. Liberty EPP Hexie Quilt
This won't be finished, but I always include it anyway. It is my lucky talisman. Previously blogged about here.

5. Hedgehog Cushions
These are for my daughter for her living room. Started then stopped. Should be finished ok. Previously blogged about here. (terrible light, its a grey day and grey fabric)

6. #whatthefade
my #what the f****** shawl, my brioche knitting. Enough said. I WOULD like to finish this by the end of October so I can be smug and indeed snug and warm on a girls' weekend away. The knit a long has already finished and I am still on clue 2. (I think a lot of other people are too). Previously blogged about here.
7. Profile Scarf                                                                                                                                  
One last wip squeezed in on the last day, and updating this list. I forgot about my blue Studio wool from Loop Knits, my Profile Shawl , which is more of a scarf thing. According to the pattern, there is only one more repeat of lace and garter to go. But .... I am very generous on the front front if you know what I mean. When I bought the yarn, I was told it was a slightly thicker yarn I had chosen and so it would go into a second skein. I think it may have knitted up a bit smaller? Anyhow, it is smaller than I woud like, a bit smaller looking in the pattern photo. I think I will do a few more repeats. Pity this isn't finished for today. I am going out for afternoon tea with my scrapbooking friends and am wearing blue. Hopefully finish this in time for the Chelsea match I am going to in a few weeks. (for the unknowing, Chelsea play in blue. Blogged about here.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all my wips. I'm keeping it real folks! There is also the small matter of Christmas approaching, the C word. I don't think about Christmas  this early, but I would like to make some more Christmas stockings for our increasing family. And, maybe, some pairs of jammy bottoms. Just maybe.

Hoping your list if you have one, is just as achievable as mine (?)

Helen x
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